Saturday, 26 April 2014

Sunday Breakfast

I just couldn't be any happier! I can officially announce that I managed to revive my grandma's recipe for Poppy Seed Buns, Polish popular sweet breakfast rolls which everyone in the country calls "drozdzowki z makiem". I was going through old recipes kept in the family for years, then suddenly got a burst of inspiration and a sense of warmth in my heart. I am not sure if this is only me, but very often smell and taste of what I eat can literally instantly bring me back memories of emotions I had when I first tried the food. And I absolutely and positively love the feeling when it brings great memories from my childhood!

I do not know what my and my kids' mornings would be like, if  my grandma did not just once baked these goodies, filling my and my sisters' noses with the most amazing scent of freshly baked drozdzowki. Back in Poland they are traditionally served for breakfast and are best freshly baked, so don’t  even try to save them – eat them up immediately! lol
So here it is, my perfect Sunday Breakfast. Something lovely to eat on lazy morning. A trademark and an old beloved tradition. Homemade Polish Poppy Seed Rolls accompanied by a glass of milk. Exactly how I remember from being a kid. If there are any readers of Polish descent - Is this is how you ate them too? I am genuinely interested to know!
I do hope it inspired you to have a bite. When in Poland you certainly can try them out in any bakery and patisserie or... you can simply start baking them at your kitchen. Freshly baked buns in the morning? Oh, why not. Making them is really not as hard as it may feel. It takes just under 2 hours and makes 12 buns which is my family's daily supply lol. Yes, it is a quite long-winded process, though everyone agrees it is worth the hassle. Smacznego!