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Mazury - away from the hustle and bustle...

Finally, I am able to do what I have wanted to do for a long, long time: to fill you in with more info about the beauty spots of Poland! And I am so excited to share the beautiful pictures with you too!

I was skimming through holiday brochures looking for Poland's top holiday destinations. The place away from the hustle and bustle of city life where we can enjoy the peace and tranquility is what I want! 

Here comes the Great Masurian Lake District - my perfect choice. A mystic land offering it all: peace, bliss, tranquility... no crowds, no traffic or no network, if you decide to venture deep into the landscape park. On the top of everything else, exceptionally beautiful surroundings and plenty opportunities to get closer to nature, simple and unspoilt. A truly special place where you can enjoy the delights of the richest wildlife areas of Poland, the freshest air and fresh fish served straight from the clear waters of Masurian lakes. I have been there before but next summer I'd like to come back for more. The region on its own is so big that any nature spotting enthusiasts can easily spend each year's holidays and there still will be plenty left to explore. 

Beautiful surroundings like these, you can see here in every corner:

With many thanks to Jacek Fałatowicz, the author of the above photographs, who kindly agreed for them to be published on this site. For more photographs by Jacek visit his official website: www.jacekfalatowicz.pl

(above: Dadaj Lake)
With many thanks to Mieczyslaw Wieliczko, the author of the above photographs, who kindly agreed for them to be published on this site. For more photographs by Mieczyslaw visit his official website: www.wieliczko.com.pl.

You must know that Mazury (Polish for Masuria) is the place every Pole takes a real pleasure in praising shamelessly. I couldn't not to join in as I genuinely think this place is worth even more positive attention! I am aware that it seems almost impossible to exhaust the topic, although I will try to include as much information as I can in the 3 consecutive posts which create, (the words are probably too big), "a small Masurian saga" :) At the same time, I promise I will put in an honest effort to come back to the subject and make a photographic statement of my next trip to Mazury.

I believe in strong arguments. Here're a couple:

- Firstly, this is a reasonable choice for everyone, no matter of your age, preferences or size of your wallet. Literally everyone will find something special to do! If you are a man / woman of leisure, you can book one of the finest luxurious Masurian Lake District hotels offering spa and golf facilities (eg. Hotel Młyn Klekotki in Godkow or Golebiewski Hotel in Mikolajki) or one of the pleasant restored manor houses like the one in Kaliszki. If you are of rather primitive nature, there is a big choice of camping, campering, cottages rentals and B&Bs. Sometimes it is worth just to pack away a tent together with a good camping equipment and start an out of schedule trip...

- Secondly, outstanding natural beauty, nature reserves and wildlife. The Masurian Landscape Park covering over 500 km² of lakes, rivers, canals, forests and 11 nature reserves is the oldest in Poland. A few special places worth visiting are: 

Łuknajo Lake which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is a must! This shallow (only 0.6 metres deep) freshwater lake is a shelter for the largest in Europe surviving community of mute swans and home for other rare bird species including waterfowls and raptors. Already in 1930s, the area was put under special protection being a place of international importace. A true paradise for ornithologists and other nature lovers!  To read more about Łuknajo Lake Reserve: http://www.unesco.org/mabdb/br/brdir/directory/biores.asp?code=POL+03&mode=all

* The Borecka Pushcha forest with a breeding station for European Bisons. A real gem! Not everyone knows that this is an incredibly valuable nature corner of the entire continent. This large primeval forest complex offers a plenty of nature spotting opportunities: you can trace here: bizons, elks, red deers, packs of wolves, wild boars, beavers or lynxes. To find out more about a great safari experience in Puszcza Borecka click on: http://www.skyscanner.net/news/5-european-safaris-take-walk-europe-s-wild-side

* Krutynia Kayak Trail - one of the most unique waterways in Old Continent. Measuring almost 100 km, offering a variety of attactions ranging from: a varied tracks, through the opportunity to see the wealth of the surrounding natural beauty to a night spent on the desert island,  Krutynia Kayak Trail is believed to be one of the most stunning outdoor activities you can experience in Masurian Landscape Park. To read more about these picturesque kayak safaris click on: http://www.poland.travel/en-gb/tourist-route/kayak-trail-on-the-river-krutynia

- You can't really get bored in here with the entertainment operating all year round. In summer, Mazury with over 2.000 lakes, beautiful forests and picturesque meadows is a paradise for a variety of outdoor and recreational activities including hiking, fishing, kayaking, sailing, horse riding, cycling, strolling on moonlight nature walks or picnicking alongside one of many stunning lakes in the the region.

- In winter time, the lakeland offers a great opportunities for diving under the ice (the clarity of water reaches its highest note with visability of 10 metres!), fishing, sleigh rides, ice sailing or cross country skiing (it may come as a surprise but the truth is, in order to satisfy all tourist appetites, Mazury easily turns into a real winterland meeting the standards of Zakopane, for instance. All outdoors attractions are reasonably priced plus most of the luxurious resorts are cheaper in winter season so why not to give it a go? To read more about skiing in Mazury:  http://www.poland.travel/en/skiing-and-snowboarding/skiing-in-the-warmia-mazury-region

This is the end of part 1. Over the next days few check out  for parts 2 and 3. Bye for now! I'm leaving you with the beautiful pictures of Masurian lakes by Mieczyslaw Wieliczko! Enjoyyyy!

(above) Sniadrwy Lake
Kisajno Lake

Yet again, many thanks to Mieczyslaw Wieliczko, the author of the above photographs, who kindly agreed for them to be published on this site. For more photographs by Mieczyslaw visit his official website: www.wieliczko.com.pl.

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