Saturday, 21 September 2013

Our Renaissance gem

And now for something completely different... During my last holiday stay in Poland I went to see an aristocratic residency of Potoccy in Lancut. Although it was not my first visit, it has definitely made the deepest impression in me. I guess, the older you get, the more you appreciate the tremendous value of the history. However cliché this may sound, I felt there like our history is something more than only piles of dusty books in a library. The residency in Lancut is a must for any first time visitor exploring Southern-East part of Poland. The castle is so well preserved that you almost feel like you belong there. Like the time has stood still.

For those who have not been there, here is a brief.

The palace is definitely one of the most impressive aristocratic residencies in Poland, famous for a rare collection of carriages, beautiful English gardens and luxurious interiors reflecting the distinctive beauty of the era. Attention to detail and good taste are seen with every step you make.
Originally, the residency was designed and built by famous at that time Giovanni Batista Falconi who gave it a shape of "a palace inside a fort" sort of thing. The person who converted this rough fortress into a beautiful palace-park complex we can admire today was Izabela Lubomirski of the Czartoryski family. It is Princess Izabela who the mansion in Lancut is owing its current splendour to. She was the one who invested all her time and money in modernising and decorating the castle in order for it to meet the standards of other great European mansions. And believe it or not, she nailed it!

Until World War II, the mansion remained one of the most luxurious residencies in the continental Europe (they even had a private theatre there!). Throughout the years the castle has been re-built and modernised a few times but its purpose always remained unchanged. It functioned as a place for social meetings for representatives of royal dynasties, aristocracy and diplomats from all around the world. Potoccy more than anyone else were very determined in their efforts to strengthen Polish cultural vitality and promote fine arts in all aspects. Following this tradition, the castle, to this day is open for all art exhibitions, live orchestra concerts, musical contests and plays.

This is all I am going to say for now as I think the best bits you should experience yourself! I hope there is no need to say anything more, anyway - pictures speak for themselves! I personally strongly recommend this unique place and I am sure you won't be disappointed!

PS. Included in the price of a ticket are: visiting the palace and its excellent interiors (unfortunately photo taking is not allowed inside), extraordinary collections of horse-drawn carriages and sleigh rides, English gardens, rose garden, Orangery, Orchid House, Stables and Couch House. All for a tenner!

Useful information:
  • to get to Lancut it's best to fly to Rzeszow (Jasionka Airport), flights from all UK airports 
  • I recommend opting for a visiting with a guide who will fill you in with all extremely interesting information regarding historical background to the castle
  • opening times and ticket prices depend on the season. For details click on
  • for virtual tour around the castle click on
To find out more about Castle Museum in Lancut:

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  1. Ever since my parents and I have been to Europe twice we were fascinated bu the castles we saw. By the way, the last one was a Niemodlin Castle (Poland) and if you know the castle is a late-Renaissance building .

    More information you can find on the main website: