Sunday, 29 September 2013

Indulge with fine food and a glass of śliwowica...

Yes, there are places in this world where dreams of tasting real food are still alive. The region of Łącko in Lesser Poland is remarkably recommended as one of those magic corners where you can explore the very best that this nation, and beyond, has to offer.

This small village comes as a surprise, tucked under a lone hill, with the adjoining plum and apple orchards which seem to become an inseparable landscape feature. Not many would come expecting to be connected to the most uncommon food experiences and local producers you can find here in every corner. But, that's exactly how it is. 

Yet again, with many thanks to Kamil Bankowski, the author of the photographs, who kindly agreed for them to be published on this site. For more photographs by Kamil visit his official website: 

The local people take pride in canning, freezing, drying and preserving the harvest as well as distilling a local plum brandy, called śliwowica łącka (literally slivovitz from Łącko). We are talking here about 70% of pure alcohol so you would have to have nerves of steel to try it out! Quoting local tasters, "it is very refreshing"! lol

Śliwowica łącka has been distilled in Łącko since at least 17th century and due to its characteristic and distincive flavour it has already made a sensation inside and outside of Poland! I would not called it a cheap and ordinary spirit that you drink in large amount! As it is produced with such a great care and attention, it gets people all around the world to taste it with zestful pleasure! A small shot of it after dinner is all you need!

If you feel like trying it out for yourself, 200ml bottles of śliwowica łącka are now available to buy at Krzysztof Mauer's shop in Zabrzeż. Soon, there will join in another 12 types of high-proof spirits including an apple brandy, cherry brandy, black currant brandy, raspberry brandy, pear brandy and any other fruit brandy you can think of!

Those who know the subject may fancy reading the latest article in "Sądeczanin" online newspaper:

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