Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Answering the question: Why Poland?

I was wondering why people know so little about Poland or have such a wrong image in their heads. It couldn't be caused, I thought, by distance as Poland is only 2,5 hours by air away from here. I don't believe it is caused by ignorance either. It makes me think the responsibility is probably on mass media's shoulders which creates this image of the country in serious financial need, full of snow and polar bears (?). Yes, it is a rather small country and may not be as rich and prosperous as others but it is growing fast and definitely has got potential! We should not forget that during World War II, a vast part of the country was destroyed; Warsaw, the capital city, was razed to the ground. Having have to start everything from the scratch resulted in slow economic recovery and as a consequence, bottom place on the list of developing countries. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that in order to understand Poland you have to experience it! Its beauty, variety, hospitality and rich history.

Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

With many thanks to Kamil Bańkowski, the author of the photographs, who kindly agreed for them to be published on this site. For more photographs by Kamil visit his official website: www.irart.pl. 

Rożnowskie Lake

Łapszanka. Excellent views of the Tatras mountain peaks.

Beskid Sadecki & Poprad Valley

Nowy Sacz

Roman style church in Tropie


Dunajec River Gorge. Pieniny Mountains

To be continued...

Good night, sleep tight! x

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